Saturday, July 12, 2008

Work on in your own way

The longing for name and fame is a tremendous obstacle to self-elevation. After a little progress you make, you’ll find some have come to find a Master in you; some are calling you a ‘great man’; some, ‘prophet’ etc.; on the other hand, some are calling you ‘satan’ or ‘scoundrel’; some ‘a professional’ etc. Beware! Pay no heed to any of them. They are all ghosts to you. If they are heeded, they will sit tight on your shoulders, and it will be very difficult to get them off. Work on in your own way, come what may. If, under the hope of name and fame, your mind behaves like that of a devotee, hypocrisy is hidden therein. Strike it out at once! Only then comes good. Otherwise, everything will be spoiled. If you desire to be Master, Prophet or God, you will certainly become a hypocrite, and due to that you will not be able to do anything practically, even though you speak volumes. If your wish is such, give it up at once! Otherwise misfortune is sure.

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