Saturday, July 19, 2008

Veda is the in divisible whole

What is known by realization is wisdom. To know is to reach the Absolute through discernment, and that is ‘Veda’. Veda is the in divisible whole. To the extent one knows, one is a Vedist. Wisdom destroys confusion and gives discerning eyes to man. Wisdom indicates the real nature of an object. When one sees an object in a condition that reveals all that is to be known about it, one knows its very essence. Devotion tries to attach the mind to Truth, and what is realized from that is called wisdom. Ignorance creates anxiety for man, and wisdom gives man peace. Ignorance is the cause of grief, and knowledge is bliss. The greater your wisdom, the greater your peace of mind. As your experience is, so is your strength to live normally.

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