Saturday, July 5, 2008

Degeneration in mankind And it's solution

Science admits that nothing happens without a definite cause behind it. Man is said to have been created by God himself. The Bible says, “God created man after his own image”. “Hence it is a fact that as God is pure, so man is pure, God is perfect and benignant, so man is perfect and benignant”. God is unique and without second, man is also unique and without any one like him in the creation.

But the reality that is evident in the world does not corroborate with the above maxim. Human beings ever confront, with savaging attitude, atrocity, inhuman cruelty displayed through forceful raping, burglary, unadjusted and unsympathetic behavior from the people in man's own environment. Man seems to have lost the last drop of love, mercy, decorum of life and the sense of humanity ingrained in his very being itself. Moreover, wherever we survey we come across innumerable people burdened with frustration, a sense of insecurity sense of self-alienation and an unprecedented dark desolation in the depth of almost every human being. Science and technology have done their best to provide man with comfort and amenities. But yet man seems to have been tossed in the current and eddies of excruciating pain due to disharmony, anomaly, treachery, ungratefulness and dragonic sense of despair and despondency in personal life, conjugal life, social life and in every sphere of life itself.
Why does this happen in man who is the offspring of God himself? Why does the heavenly nature in Man who is said to be the replica of the supreme divine term to be hellish one?

Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra, popularly known as Sri Sri Thakur, founder of 'SATSANG', and the best fulfiller of all the prophets, firmly believes that every human being is pure, perfect, and replica of the Source. The apparent degeneration in man is due to deceased condition of nature in him.
If a man is cured of his disease in nature through proper treatment, he will shine in his pristine purity and display his very intrinsic divinity ever entwined with his very existence itself; this may be called curative measure. We are also told that “prevention is better than cure”
The virus of degeneration that causes disease in nature primarily permeates in man through his inception. If an adequate measure is taken to check this permeation of the virus through inception, the man is expected to shine in his pristine purity. This may be called preventive measure. Let us deal with the preventive measure first...

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good points and the details are more specific than elsewhere, thanks.

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