Sunday, July 20, 2008

Devotion is concentric to the Source

Artificial devotion is mixed with stiff ego. Real devotion is free from pride; i.e., it has a very thin pride. A man with counterfeit devotion cannot TAKE advice. Adviser-like, he can only GIVE advice. So if anyone advises him, signs of irritation, aversion and shirking the company, appear clearly on his face. The man with real devotion is generally quite unwilling to play the part of an adviser and signs of pleasure blossom on his face if he gets advice. Devotion can never enter the heart of one who believes little and worships many. Devotion loves many for the One. Addiction loves the One for many. In addition there is gratification from self-interest. In devotion there is satisfaction from interests for others. Devotion is concentric to the Source. Addiction seeks satiety in self-interest or ego. Addiction is the wife of passion, and devotion is the younger sister of love.

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