Monday, July 7, 2008


Take to the habit of the creeper and entwine yourself around the tree of the Ideal; fulfillment of desire shall be yours. If you feel pleasure in speaking about your Ideal, pleasure in hearing and thinking about Him, pleasure in His order, pleasure in His affection, pleasure even in His inattention, and the heart swells up in His Name; I tell you surely, don’t worry any more for your elevation.

Take to the feet of a true Master, go on taking the Holy Name, and remain in the company of the devout. Truly I say, you have no more to worry for your elevation. Leave not the water of devotion and move not too far away to the sandy shores of temptation. It will be difficult to return when the sand will be hot from the scorching sun of grief. If you don’t come back before it gets hot, you will dry up and die.

  • Try to remain inclined towards devoted feeling; you will not fall, but will be moving forward.
  • Try to be in tune with the Master, and don’t follow your mind; progress will never leave you.
  • Cling to right judgment, and don’t follow the mind; broadness will never desert you.
  • Hold unto the Good and follow not evil; peace will never part from you.
  • Let humility find an abode in the heart – vanity will mean nothing for you.
  • Don’t long for, or be attached to, that which must be forsaken; you will be saved from grief.

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