Saturday, July 5, 2008

Doing is the mother of getting

Don’t regret for not having without doing in the way you can have. To become sad without doing invites a ‘not-to-get’. To get, whatever it might be, one must learn how to get it and do that exactly. Is there anything more foolish than to become impatient to get without doing? Know it for sure – “Doing is the mother of getting.” Only when doing is in accordance with desire does success appear. The desired good of man remains hidden beneath his habitual superstitions, and the Giver of Good is punished only when conflict appears between the Goodness He gives and the habitual superstitions. So the saviour is slandered in His own country. Nature reproaches those who would approach the Unsensed – with neglect and rejection of what is Sensed. Those for whom the Seen is coloured or humiliated by the Unseen are deceived.

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