Saturday, July 5, 2008

Manifestation of Human Beings

So far the eugenic science has explored the mystery of human inception, it is exposed that a several thousands of sperms of husband enter into the womb of his wife during union. These sperms begin to knock at the door of the uterus. Some sperms enter into the uterus and run towards the fallopian tube. On the other hand, just 14 days before the beginning of the next menstrual period, the wife releases a single ovum from her ovary and this ovum enters directly into fallopian tube. If in the fallopian tube, the ovum comes across a sperm and if the ovum gets fertilized by that particular sperm, then pregnancy occurs. In this fallopian tube first a zygote is formed. This newly produced zygote enters into the uterus and gradually sticks to the wall of the uterus. Then it gradually grows up into an embryo. This embryo is transformed into a child.

Eugenic science has also admitted that, “If the genes carried by the chromosomes contributed by the ovum be not compatible with and complementary to genes carried by the chromosomes contributed by the sperm, then the child born out of such incompatible combination comes to be possessor of inferior attributes and undesired “biological make-up”. On the other hand, when genes contributed by both sperm and ovum happen to be compatible with and complementary to one another, the child born out of such combination is expected to inherit superior attributes, sublime instincts and an unadulterated “biological make-up”.

It is often seen that out of a same pair of parents one child is born with scholarly aptitude, kind heart, sober and gentle exposition of behavior, deep devotion for parents and he excels in his career. But the other is born dull, ill tempered, cruel and with no love and regard for his parents and he suffers life-long distress. One child exhibits spiritual bent of mind and shows interest in ecclesiastical activities from his very childhood. But the other one comes to be most materialistic in attitude and epicurean in nature. So it is said that five fingers of hand are not equal. Science makes practical investigation and then comes to conclusion. We may refer to the finding of Russian scientist named Dr. Amram Scheinfeld and see what he has pointed out in his book 'The new you and the heredity'.
According to Mr. Scheinfeld, the particular ovum eagerly waiting in the fallopian tube accepts and embraces only one particular sperm out of millions of sperms which wins the spectacular race in the fallopian tube. Of course, Mr. Scheinfeld has not traced out why does this particular fortunate sperm wins the race and reach the ovum before all other sperms in the race.However, the zygote thus formed out of compatible combination will be manifested in to and individual being. The nature, potential attributes, intrinsic significance the being are determined by the permutation and combination between the 23 chromosomes of the sperm and 23 chromosomes of the ovum.

From the statement of Mr. Scheinfeld, in his book “The new you and the heredity”, we come to know that in one fertilization 300,000,000,000,000 types of individual being may be born. Mr. Scheinfeld says “But to produce a given individual, both a specific sperm and a specific egg must come together. So think, what had to happen for you to have been born.”
Mr. Scheinfeld finds the result through the following calculation;
There are 23 pairs of chromosomes in one sperm this 23 pairs of chromosomes can be arranged in 16,777,216 ways through permutation and combination. So a sperm can take up about 16,777,216 types of forms, according to different arrangement among 23 pairs of chromosomes. “At exactly the instant, the one out of 16,777,216 sperms which represented the potential half of you had to meet with specific egg which held the other potential half of you. That could happen only once in some 300,000,000,000,000 times” .
“Why specific time of union between a specific sperm and a specific egg to produce a world famous Lincoln or Shakespeare or a most ordinary labor, a great scientist or a numbskull?”, is so important has not been explained by Mr. Scheinfeld. He has left it on a chance and miraculous coincidence....
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