Saturday, July 5, 2008

To know God is to know all or the Whole

That which being developed and becoming everything, yet remains the same, is Brahma'Bold text'. He within whom all the resources of the world – knowledge love and activity – spontaneous, and by the inclination towards whom the scattered lives of men and all the diversities of the world find a final solution, is the God of men!

To know God is to know all or the Whole. He whose intense and active inclination for a Living Ideal, transcending time and space, has made Him into God normally; whose literature, philosophy and science, penetrating the scattered good and evil prejudices of the mind, have been meaningfully adjusted in the Ideal, is the True Master.

He whose mind is filled with attachment for One, or the Truth, is honest or chaste. To adhere the mind thoroughly to the Ideal is called Holiness.

When the mind is absorbed completely in conceiving anything thoroughly, it is called deep mediation or Samadhi.

Repetition of the Name make man keen, and Meditation or Dhyan makes him calm and receptive. To remain enganged in any single thought and to feel that which distracts but cannot break our continuity is ‘Dhyan’ or Meditation. To be displeased means to be scattered. Be keen but calm. You will feel everything.

Attachment to One or concentrated inclination is called Yoga. That which, being opposed by something, wants to establish itself is ‘self’. To make the ego stiff is not to know others. Those who are satisfied with meaningful solution through meditating observation are ‘Rishis’, Sages or Seers.

The solving and untying of all kinds of knots of the mind so that they become meaningful in One – is Salvation.

The ideas and activities that lead man towards the Cause are Spiritualism. The decision by which the Inner Cause is made to blossom is real Judgment. That analysis which determines the real form of the object aimed at is Reason. The painful feeling that arises from a judgment of the merits and demerits of a completed act, and causes abstention from evil, is Repentance.

The Place on going to which the knots of the mind are untied and solved is Tirtha, place of pilgrimage. Doing that which preserves existence is Virtue. Doing that which makes one fall from existence is Sin. That which exists and has expansion is Real. That to conceive which the mind retains its being is Finite. That to conceive which the mind loses itself is Infinite!

Peace! Peace! Peace!

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