Saturday, July 5, 2008

Inception has paramount Importance

There is no denying of the role of education and environment, environment will work no doubt, but it works always on the 'Biological-make-up' of the man.The function of education and environment in developing a child may be compared with function of soil and atmosphere in developing a seed. Without proper soil and good seed fails to yield desired fruits. Similarly, without proper education and congenial environment a human being cannot bloom into his full potentiality.

But if the seed is of inferior variety, then however fertile may be the soil, we can never obtain superior quality of fruits from that variety of seed. Similarly, if a child is born with infected “Biological-make-up”, anomalous instincts and less potentiality, we can never develop the child into a man of integrated personality, balanced exposition, enriched with greater potentiality and inexhaustible urge to run towards Eternal Becoming.

We know that the same soil nurtures seeds to sprout into various plants with their specific botanical properties. It is in the same soil and atmosphere that different seeds sprout into varieties of seedlings and then into plants to yield different fruits with varieties of tastes, flavor, chemical properties, medicinal values and nutritive efficiency for human health. But it is neither the soil nor the atmosphere that differentiates one plant from another; it is the latent specifics lying in the seeds themselves that make this differentiation in tastes, flavor, and nutritive properties. Similarly, the same education and environment provide different individual with nurture and nutrition. But men of different 'Biological-make-up', instints and potentiality grow up in different types of personalities.In the process of growth a man picks up necessary nourishment from his environment. But he picks up according to his inherent instincts.

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