Sunday, July 6, 2008

Surrender to HIS will

Pray for love and keep violence far away; the world must be attracted to you. May thou be ascetic at heart. Dress not thyself as a hermit, and be not chameleon-like for nothing. Let thy mind roam about on the Source or Brahma, but be not busy to dress thyself in saffron robes or to paint the body; for then the mind may incline to these things. Give up pride, you shall be able to remain in Good. Make the fallen hear the message of rescue! Give hope; by hook or by crook, try to help them towards elevation. Encourage, but let them not be wanton. If ever, after giving your all to your Beloved, you are immersed in Him and have fears of floating up, then do dive at once with all your ardor and love, and lose yourself. You will see how beautiful is the Beloved and how He has embraced you.

If the slightest public criticism, ridicule, inclination to relatives, loss of self-interest, neglect, or abuse from one’s own or others can make you aloof from your Beloved, how shameful is your love, how meager! Isn’t it so? If you understand a thing today, don’t you tomorrow deny the same, calling it a riddle. Don’t play fox like that. Because, even the lower animals do not forget what they once understand. So to speak like this is to display fickleness or wickedness. Today you are benefited. Tomorrow, blinded by selfish interest you pretend to be wronged: don’t invite such ingratitude. What is meaner than this? Ask anyone. Unless one is a fool, one cannot be induced, by slander from the benefited, to blame the benefactor. When the helper is harmed by the helped, stupid pride breaks the bolt of gratitude and throws open the path of death strewn over the thorns of arrogance. Treachery pursues him who considers the shelter ugly because of any disrepute of the sheltered ones. Unfeeling and unbenefitting activities for the Beloved are never the signs telling love. One not desiring to do anything for the Beloved, yet loving much, is like a bronze dove made of gold. The selfish in spirit generally love like that. So it is better to guard against this sort of disinterested love. Otherwise, there is every possibility of danger. You love? But when the Beloved insists, influences, rules, insults, makes angry pretenses or forces; and you, rather than feeling pleasure, suffer from the reverse, and all your happiness washes away; I say, you will cheat and be cheated, surely. And this will continue as long as you are such. So, while there is time, take care. The charm of love – increases with hindrance, causes no hatred to grow when oppressed by the Beloved, becomes vigorous in separation, doesn’t stupefy a man, remains for ever unsatisfied, never leaves once it has touched, and is unchangeable.

The infatuation of lust – decays if hindered, arouses hatred if oppressed by the desired one or if one doesn’t get as expected, makes one forgetful in separation and cowardly and stupid, brings satiety and depression in enjoyment, doesn’t last long – it is changeable. Be venerable but no insufferable. If you like to charm, be charmed completely. If you like to be beautiful, see beauty even in the ugly. The beauty and meaningfulness of life lies in being devoted to One with intensity and continuity. When liking for many cannot shake or sever the liking for One, that liking is the sister of love. Better be attached to the true Master than being shattered by the consideration of good and evil. You shall safely achieve success. It is sure! As the time of weakness think of beauty and strength, and when vanity seeks to posses you, think of the Beloved and of humility. Mental health will remain undisturbed. Don’t be spoiled by seeing faults, and don’t spoil those who are attached to you. Give to Him. Don’t want, but feel blessed if you get. Surrender to His will. Don’t try to make Him yield to you, because He alone is beautiful to you. Never give up the craving for Union. Otherwise, the pang of separation will not be sweet, and you will not be able to feel peace in distress.

As much as is your thought, activity, feeling for One, so much is your inclination, charm, and love for Him, and in the same way. He alone to whom you have surrendered your all is your Lord – you Guide Supreme.

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