Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It is better to die at toil than on the toilet

He who does as he speaks is a first class worker. He who speaks less and does more is a second class worker. He who speaks more but does less is a third class worker, and he who, out of laziness, neither speaks nor does is of the worst type. Run, but don’t pant, and watch you don’t stumble. Should you feel aversion or anger in doing any work, know for sure, it is on the verge of failure. Be ready against the difficulties that arise at the time of executing a work. Don’t be dissatisfied or impatient. Success will be your servant. Try and don’t be gloomy; don’t be sorrowful! Success must come! Delirium of distress is not a sign of the skilful. Haughty brain and vain, pompous thoughts are both signs of unsuccess. Gain success by avoiding or defeating misfortune, and see that difficulties do not cheat you of success. If neither joy nor sorrow hinders your movement, you shall without doubt reach your goal.

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