Saturday, July 5, 2008

Inception for Art of Living

An individual being is born through inception. Inception implies the very moment when a sperm of father fertilizes an ovum in mother and thus zygote impregnated with a life thrill or 'soul' is formed in the womb of the mother. The character, conduct behavior as well as his efficiency, achievement and the very nature of the individual grown out of this zygote depend basically on the intrinsic nature of the 'Jaivi-Sangsthiti' (biological make-up) in the individual. Modern eugenic science ascribes the above-mentioned attributes mainly to the genes contributed by the parents.
The (biological make-up) in an individual is determined at the time of inception. It is the intensity of the cohesive urge with which a sperm is attracted towards the ovum, compatibility among the genes contributed by both sperm and ovum, and the extent of eagerness with which the ovum receives the sperm with all its inner attributes and potentiality that determine the very intrinsic nature of (biological make-up). It is this (biological make-up) that governs how the individual being will happen to display his 'self'. Hence inception plays a paramount role in producing a better individual 'being' with richer instinct, sublime nature and unadulterated (biological make-up)
The sprouting essence (Satta)
latent in the seed in which
all the natural characteristics of germination
being ingrained in functional attributes
sprout into a living entity
through proper nurture and nutrition
with the conglomeration of stability, nature,
attributes and function
that conglomeration of the very essence (satta) latent in the seed
may be called 'Jaive-Sangsthiti'(biological make-up)
~Sri Sri Thakur...

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