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Life After Death..

The Indian Philosophy laid stress on the role of psycho physical and spiritual contribution too, in having different kinds of issues out of a same pair of parents. So the Indian seers (spiritually realized sages) don't speak of chance and miraculous co-incidence. What they have said is logical and reasonable, though it may be required to be tested in the touchstone of modern materialistic science to realize the very truth underlined their statements. Sri Krishna said in Geeta,
“Jang Jang bapi smaranh bhabam tyajatyante kalwe baram Tang tamebaiti kounteya sada tadbhaba bhavitah.”

Thus the above verse means: a man leaves his mortal body at the time of death with a Bhaba, and is born again there (into a mother's womb) where he gets the identical Bhaba ( environmental impulses imprinted in brain i.e Positive Energy Frequency)

Sri Sri Thakur, a great exponent of all the past prophets, sustained the statement of Lord Krishna in more explicit manner. He comments:

  At the time of death,
an individual leaves its mortal body
with the Bhaba,(called Carrier Bhaba),
and that life takes its birth again
to the parents in tune with
carrier Bhaba of the departed life,
during their union
The above verse means, the carrier Bhaba with which an individual being leaves his mortal body when gets co-incidence with the Bhaba with which a pair of parents on the plane of matter comes to be saturated at the time of sexual union, then the departed individual is born to that particular pair of parents. In other language, each of the pair of parents comes to be charged with a particular Bhaba during sexual union. When this charge of Bhaba becomes in tune with the carrier Bhaba of any departed soul, then the departed soul is born with that particular pair of parents. We may refer to a simple example.

A farmer has cultivated a brinjal in his vegetable garden. He works hard and keeps himself engaged in doing various function in the garden almost through out the day. He waters the plants, removes the weeds and shrubs manures the plants and the make arrangement to protect the plant against worms and insects, he gets delighted to think of the heavy harvest this season he expects a good profit this year, thus he becomes totally absorbed in the thought of brinjals. Let us suppose that in this state of absorption, he goes off his mortal body with the Bhaba (idea) of brinjal. This is the carrier Bhaba. After death the departed soul will exist as a wave of Bhaba in the vast ocean of Bhaba.
Now let us imagine that another farmer has also cultivated brinjal in his vast garden. He also takes care of the plants with all his means and measures. Both husband and wife are happy to see the prospect of harvest this season. After supper they go to bed at night and continues talking about their success in producing good brinjal, both husband and wife are so delighted with and absorbed in the thought of brinjal that they are charged with the Bhaba (idea) of brinjal and they unite together at this state. Now if the charge of Bhaba gets unison and tuned with the carrier Bhaba of the departed soul of the former farmer that departed soul is expected to enter into the womb of the wife of the farmer, mentioned later.

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