Saturday, July 5, 2008

Eugenic science

Prof. K. P. Bhattacharyya, President of Satsang and co-worker of Dr. C. V. Raman, Nobel laureate, asks Sri Sri Thakur....
"We may easily understand the role of sperm and ovum and their contribution in the process of inception. But where lies the consistent and co-ordinated relation of an unseen and abstract soul with concrete sperm and ovum?"

Sri Sri Thakur explains:

The Bhaba ( environmental impulses imprinted in brain i.e Positive Energy Frequency) and impulses of the wife generally induce her husband to be sexually inclined to her. The brain-center of the husband gets excited according to those Bhaba and impulses. Now all the departed souls with their respective carrier Bhabas that lie in tune within the range of tremors of the excitement come together first in the brain and then into the scrotum of the husband. Then all the sperm-cells in the scrotum become charged with those carrier Bhabas of those departed souls and become mobile. That is, those incoming souls impart life to the sperms and render them living and moveable; and that time the man feels a sensation of contraction in his body. Then during sexual union those mobile sperms run forward to meet and mingle with the ovum in the fallopian tube.
On the other hand, the wife also gets enlightened and inspired to the extent she is charged and moved by the resultant effect of her husband's personality, character, conduct, display of love and affection for her and above all, his all fulfilling nature. This enlightenment and inspiration color her total being and get imprinted on the awaiting ovum in her fallopian tube. Thus the wife and her ovum get charged with a particular Bhaba. Now the ovum embraces in it's bosom the particular sperm whose charge of Bhaba coincides with the Bhaba that the ovum is charged with. That is, the ovum receives the particular sperm, which is in tune with the ovum in affinity and Bhaba, but not because it wins the race. Thus the ovum blends together with sperm in such a way that they dovetail together, there remains no gap at all. Thus the conjunction of a sperm and ovum produces a complete entity. Cell division starts and ultimately a child grows.

Why out of millions of sperms only a particular sperm is conceived, is it providential ?

Sri Sri Thakur replies,I don't call it providential. The particular sperm of father that possesses strongest affinity for the ovum in the mother, will be received by the ovum. The ovum with particular Bhaba will receive the very particular sperm that is charged with the identical Bhaba of the ovum in itself. So I say so much about compatible marriage union and happy conjugal life”.
The existence in ectoplasmic body
Burdened with desires and wishes
Is condensed into sperm
To form the seed of the body
And the sperm mingles
With the ovum
In tuned and co-ordinated to it
And then grows up through cell divisions
With all its characteristics.

In single ejaculation
Millions of lives
Impregnated in the sperm run forward;
As the ovum received one and is fertilized
So it gets physical form;
The seed of life in ectoplasmic body
Gets shelter in the sperm
Through sex-urge
And unites with the ovum
Tuned with identical Bhaba
In the womb of a female
As a consequence grows up gradually

The clue of the prime law of our re-birth. The nature of the 'being' to be materialized is determined by the nature of the wave received by a particular psychic arrangement in our brain caused by action and
reaction of our environment.

Jesus Christ in the New Testament said: “Both husband and wife should be attached to each other through deep love in such a way that they turn to be one in flesh and spirit.”

“During sexual union the Bhaba and the trend of thoughts in both husband and wife should be consistent with one another. The more the trend of thoughts and Bhaba are sublime, higher and sacred, the greater, as better and purer child with sublime nature and unadulterated biological make-up is born. The tuned psychical charge of both husband and wife at that particular moment of sexual congress lays a great impact on the future life of the child. Because the child is nothing but the vitalized material embodiment of that tuned psychical charge of the husband and wife. His eyes, nose, facial appearance, ear, in a word the construction of each and every limb and minor limbs of his body, his thoughts, charge during sexual and etc, become molded by this tuned psychical charge during sexual union. The child is born with that and proceed towards newer achievement."

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