Monday, July 28, 2008

Give up what is against existence

Forgive, but do not harm by indulging. Love, but be not addicted. Love deeply, but mix not too familiarly. Bubbling is not the sign of fullness. If you are contented and free from anxiety yourself, try for others. The more the mind is overwhelmed by being attached to the cause of grief, the more will fear enter within and weaken the heart. If you wish to be saved, have no fear – no weakness. Be absorbed in enlivening thoughts and deeds. Addiction to evil begets fear, grief and sorrow. Give up what is against existence. Have faith is ‘Sat’ (Sadguru) Truth. You shall be saved. Be immersed in enlivening thoughts; enlivening deeds will be your helpers, and your surroundings, being enlivened, shall surely always save you.

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