Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Women and Gold

Almost all the miseries men have in the world come from the addiction to ‘Kamini-kanchan’ (women and gold). It is better to remain as far away as possible from these two. Lord Ramkrishna enjoined on everyone to remain far, far, far away from Kamini-kanchan. If ‘Kam (lus) be dropped from ‘Kamini’, ‘ini’ (shi) becomes Ma. Poison becomes elixir. And Ma is always Mother – never ‘kamini’. To add ‘gi’ to Ma is catastrophe. Beware! Don’t lose thyself taking Ma as ‘Magi’ (fallen woman). Everyone’s Mother is the Mother of the world. Every woman is another form of one’s own Mother. Think in this fashion. If filial thoughts be not heartfelt, one should not touch woman. The farther away from them one remains, the better. Not to look upon their faces is better yet. He who only wails, “My passion and pride do not go, do not go,” will find they never go. One should become habituated to those activities and thoughts which have no scent of pride and passion; then the mind forgets them. If thoughts of passion and pride do not arise in the mind, how can they show up? The way out is to remain always absorbed in higher thoughts and activities. Investigation into the science of creation, mathematics and chemistry controls lust. Any kind of enticing conversation on ‘Kamini-Kanchan’ can bring attraction for them. So, the father one stays away from such talks, the better.


kanti said...

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kaush said...

From times immemorial, Gurus, Prophets and other flagship instruments of "Religion" have created so much confusion in people's mind! Everyone can play with words, the origin of it, and provide some explanation, whether or not it conforms to the "Abhidhan". If "ini" would have meant "Ma", then "khoini" (I mean Gutkha here) means "Akaash e ore je Ma" (because "kho" means "akaash")! Does that make sense? Now imagine, what does a normal Bengali word like "paini" (I mean "have not received" here) means - it would mean, "Mother, my foot"!

Same goes for "gi"! I can provide innumerable examples here also.

I'm astonished to see that even Lord Ramkrishna's sublime ideologies didn't help him to think from the perspective of an woman. The directive to stay away from "Kamini" to "control lust", as we can see, is towards only the Male section of society (unless of course we are talking about a lesbian woman). And what about the women section? Why there is no directive towards women to stay away from "Kamuk Purush"?

I guess an woman should only give birth to her "Bharta"'s (not begun-bharta though!) child, and provide "seva" to the family! The entire Indian Mythology, Vedas, Sanghitas are full of this apathy/negligence towards women.

But that's a secondary issue. Will come back with more primary problems with this view sometime later, if I get some time to indulge.