Saturday, August 23, 2008


This is very true: whenever the tendency grows to see another’s fault, then that fault has made its home in you. Then and there, without delay that evil tendency should be smashed and swept away! Then you are safe. Otherwise, all will be destroyed. If your eyes see only other’s evil, you will never be able to love anyone. And he, who cannot see truth, can never be true. Your eyes will be as unclouded as your mind and so clear the world will appear before you. At first, try with all your might to find good in what you see, and breed this habit in your very bones! If your tongue be always slanderous – unable to speak good of others, never pass an opinion on anyone. Try within to hate your own habit and grimly determine to be rid of that hell of slander in the future. To vilify others is to defile oneself with their defects. To spread good of others makes one’s own nature good unconsciously. But one should not praise others with a selfish motive. That is flattery. Generally, in such cases, thoughts and words do not agree. This is very bad and the faculty to express one’s independent opinion is lost thereby.

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