Monday, August 25, 2008


Contraction is dejection. Expansion is delight. There is a lack of happiness in that which brings weakness and fear in the heart and that is grief. Desire unfulfilled is misery. Don’t expect anything. Be preparing for every situation. What can grief do to you? Nobody is miserable by nature. If one wishes, he can drive it out. Pray to the Supreme Father: “Thy will is good. I don’t know what will make me good. Let Thy will be fulfilled in me.”

And be ready to accept that. Joy will remain and sorrow will not touch you. Be not the cause of another grief; none will be the cause of your grief. Misery and happiness are both modes of mind. To lack the thoughts and deeds befitting the desire is misery. You may serve the world in a thousand ways, but you cannot destroy its misery until the sense of inadequacy be removed from the heart. Dharma alone can do that.

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