Monday, August 11, 2008

Pursue only that whim which follows conscience

you must achieve bliss. Merge yourself in expansion, but don’t be extinguished. Expansion is life! Expansion is love! The work which brings expansion or growth in the mind is honest work. That which brings superstition, prejudice, etc. in the mind – in a word, that which brings narrowness – is evil work. Don’t do that work which makes your face gloomy when you speak of it to others. Usually, where there is concealment out of hatred, shyness or fear, there weakness is, there sin is. Do that avowed activity which brings love in your heart, and don’t go near what brings cruelty, harshness and violence, even though temporarily profitable. Though you have gained such powers that you can move the sun and the moon from their courses, can break the earth into pieces or make all people wealthy, but if you have no love in your heart, you have achieved nothing.

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