Monday, August 4, 2008

The Guide is the Regulator of hearts

Don’t conceal anything in your heart from Him whom you have chosen as your Guide. To conceal is to disbelieve Him and that disbelief brings downfall. The Guide is the Regulator of hearts. If you believe it rightly, you will be humble to do evil. And if you have already done evil, you will confess it surely! But if you want to conceal, be sure that weakness has come in your heart and you are already attacked by disbelief. Be careful, or it may carry you far far away. If you conceal, your true Guide will also hide Himself. If you express the thoughts in your heart – become open – then for sure He also will be open before you! If, with the intention of concealing from your Guide, you use the trick: You regulate my heart and you know everything, you will fail and be surrounded by miseries. Exchange of hearts is a sign of love. If you conceal your heart, it is sure, you posses selfish desires. You love Him only in words. There is concealment in lust but there can be nothing concealed in love! The true Guide has a light ego. He will never assert His own strength to you by Himself, and so will follow you according to your thought. This is the characteristic of a true Guide. If you really have a true Guide, whatever you do, no fear. You cannot be destroyed. Only keep prepared for sufferings.

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