Sunday, August 24, 2008


If you want to prosper in Sadhana’ (avowed activity), give up hypocrisy. With the hope of getting a good name from others, the hypocrite mainly deceives himself and due to his little faith, he deprives himself of the real gift of others. You may speak volumes, but you can never find real happiness unless you become truly elevated. The inner feeling does not come out in the words of hypocrites; so their faces remain cold even with words of joy. What can words do? The spirit does not throb within the heart. The sea of bliss is bitter-salty to the hypocrite. Though he go to the ocean, he cannot quench his thirst. The simple man, like a swallow, has eyes turned upwards. The hypocrite, like a vulture, has eyes always downward. Be little, no matter, but keep your eyes turned upward. What is the use of being big, but like a vulture with eyes always looking down from on high. Be not a hypocrite! Don’t be deceived and don’t deceive others.

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