Sunday, June 29, 2008


God is one, Dharma is one,Prophets are same, --servers of the One;conflict and animosity with any of themproclaims the presenceof opposite – the Satan;surrender to the Supreme is the saucethat brings heaven downto the soul and service;do love, do serve, do surrender,do ever for Providence,the Lord, the Ideal, the source of all sources,with every inter-interested serving zealthat serves the Ideal--Fulfiller the best of the past and presentWhose presence is to fulfill not to destroy !utter and act with every enthusiasm,surrender to the enlightened and only !surrender to the enlightened Seersthat are fulfillers of the past,surrender to the Fathers thatfollow the right way,surrender to Varnasram thatevolves out of Providence,surrender to the all-fulfillingFulfiller of the present, this is the Aryan path'this is Dharma that upholds existence,this the eternal truththat all are to surrender to !
-- Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra

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